Faraone, an Italian brand of high jewelery whose origins date back to 1860, inaugurates, thanks to its centuries-old expertise in the field of precious, “Faraone Casa d’Aste”, a subsidiary company expressly dedicated to the sale of high quality masterpieces by auction. jewelry. Valuers of Faraone jewels were, and still are, members of noble families such as Queen Margherita of Savoy, the Monegasque Royal Family, as well as international stars of opera and cinema such as Maria Callas, Anna Magnani, Ava Gardner and Ingrid Bergman.

To the more traditional high jewelery business, aimed at creating real masterpieces of art to wear, such as the pieces of the “One of a Kind” collection, Faraone offers its customers an exclusive and complete service of evaluation, purchase or exchange of precious , jewels and watches, as well as the possibility of auctioning them through your own auction house, in order to guarantee the customer the best evaluation, that of the market.

Today: Faraone Auction House

A dedicated and expert team will evaluate high jewelery masterpieces, from all periods, both from the Maison and other iconic brands, from single pieces to entire collections.
The establishment of Faraone Casa d’Aste stems from a specific analysis of the trend in the use of precious metals, explains the CEO, Vittoria Bianchi:
“Opportunities to wear jewels of a certain importance are now rare. Today, the jewel is worn differently; a single piece, even flashy, that can be worn every day, and one or two, very pure but at the same time discreet, for special occasions.
This is how our grandmothers’ sets and brooches left the scene. Why not sell them, or turn them into something more portable? The opportunities we offer to our customers are many: from the auction sale, to the exchange of the jewel with a more current version of the same, to the direct purchase by us in the case of masterpieces of great value both signed by our Maison and by others. brand names”.