Icons of style, status symbols and objects of desire, precious watches are a synthesis of craftsmanship, mechanical masterpieces and concentrates of human wisdom, objects capable of thrilling and exciting, but also in which to invest one's capital. Faraone Casa d'Aste dedicates a Department to the auctions of watches, a sector characterised by marked growth in recent decades. Thanks to a team of experts able to select the best lots for our catalogues, Faraone's auction sales that include vintage watches have become a real point of reference for all collectors and watch lovers.

The Watches Department was created to offer enthusiasts and collectors unmissable opportunities to buy watches at auction signed by the most well-known Maisons, all valuable objects that attract great interest on the market. The luxury watch sector is transversal, it allows you to combine the passion for collector's watches with high-yield capital investment. Furthermore, the haute horlogerie market is not affected by the particular current moment, but interests and intrigues an increasingly vast audience, attracted in particular by the most prestigious names such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Chopard, Vacheron & Constantin, Piaget, Jaeger leCoultre, whose initial prices are often literally pulverized in the watches auctions organized by Faraone Casa d'Aste.

Buying watches at auction also means turning the dream of owning a vintage piece or collector's watch into reality, with proposals able to satisfy any budget and any desire. Faraone auctions that include collector's watches are always heterogeneous, and are able to satisfy the most demanding collectors; our catalogs are particularly rich in watches signed by the best-known names in watchmaking, which find space in the catalogs of jewelery auctions, the same ones that also expertly integrate the proposal of vintage bags.

Want to sell a vintage or collector's watch at auction? Ask our experts for a free and no-obligation valuation of watches you possess; you will be contacted as soon as possible with a first estimate if the watches are suitable for our periodic auctions.

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