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Faraone Auction House in Milan, Appraisals & Valuation Services

Faraone Auction House offers reliable appraisals and valuation services with the aim of offering our Clients the opportunity to receive a real and correct valuation. We examine, for free and without any obligation for your items, jewelry, wristwatches and pocket watches, vintage luxury bags and fashion accessories.
The valuation request is easy, takes little time, is confidential and it is available online at any time. Simply fill out the evaluation form on this page and you will receive a response as soon as possible and an initial estimate, if the objects in your possession are suitable for our sales.

Request a Free Valuation for Jewellery, Watches, Vintage Bags and Fashion Accessories

Faraone Auction House offers a free-of-charge, no-obligation valuation of vintage jewelry, watches and fashion accessories made by leading jewelry Maisons as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Pomellato, Tiffany, Rolex, Zenit, Piaget, Baume and Mercier. We also valuate vintage jewels and handcrafted watches, Twentieth Century jewelry, antique jewels and vintage watches, fashion bijoux, vintage bags and designer accessories, gems, diamonds and precious stones.
La valutazione dei beni preziosi è un processo necessario e propedeutico per la vendita all'asta, attraverso il quale viene attribuire un valore economico a un bene di pregio come appunto un gioiello o altro oggetto di pregio. Determinare il valore del gioiello è il primo step della vendita.

La stima di un gioiello espressa su base fotografica non è permanente, ma il valore attribuito può variare nel tempo e in funzione a molte variabili. Il valore di mercato di un gioiello è determinato dalle sue caratteristiche, dalla domanda sul mercato, ma anche dai materiali di realizzazione, marca, autore o Maison, stile e provenienza.

Why is valuation mandatory in order to sell valuable objects at auction?

Valuation of precious goods is a necessary and preparatory process for selling at auction, as it is the process through which an economic value is attributed to an asset such as a jewel or other valuable item. Determining the value of the piece of jewelry is the first step of selling it. The quotation of a valuable object that is expressed on a photographic basis is not permanent, as the value attributed can vary over time and according to many variables. The value of a jewel is determined by its characteristics, by the demand on the market, but also by the materials of construction, brand, designer or Maison, style and origin.

How is the Valuation of a jewel carried out?

The first step of the valuation process is a careful analysis of the object based on the images and details provided by our customers, which allow us to determine whether or not the object is suitable for sale at auction. It is therefore essential to have good quality photographs that allow us to identify details that can affect the value of the property in question. The evaluation of jewels and other valuable goods is carried out by examining a series of different factors and criteria including the conditions they are in, the signature of the author or the importance of the Maison that created it, the market demand, the rarity and materials, presence of precious stones, period of creation, style, aesthetics and its overall quality.
The evaluation by appointment can take place at one of this locations:
  • At Faraone Casa d'Aste headquarters in Milan, in 9 Via Montenapoleone
  • At our associates in Rome and Turin
  • Depending on the case, at your home or place of choice
To book an appointment, please contact us from Monday to Friday or fill out the valuation form online by uploading photos of the jewels or other valuable objects you possess, adding any certifications you may have, old valuations and purchase invoices. You will be contacted in the shortest time possible by one of our experts.

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